Job Descriptions

Chiefs, Chairs, and the Board of Directors

All RMVR events are produced and conducted by our volunteers, at the direction of the elected President and Board. Each event has a Chairperson, who works with the Chiefs of Specialties to set an event schedule and make it happen.

Serving with each Chief and Chair is an assistant, learning the role to fill in or serve as next in line. Every Specialty needs volunteers working with them at the track, varying at each track with different needs for Marshals and corner workers.  It takes a community of volunteers to make vintage road races happen.

Detailed descriptions of each position and responsibilities is included in RMVR’s Operations Manual (Ops).  While every volunteer role is important, track events require a significant number of workers in these three key areas:

  • Corner Workers – under the lead of a Corner Captain, workers observe and respond to distressed racers from stations around each road course.
  • Pit and Grid Workers – these volunteers run the Grid, where race cars are staged for the next track session, performing visual inspections, proper placement, and driver safety checks before waving the cars onto the track.
  • Tech – the Tech team confirms that each race car has been inspected prior to going on track, and maintains a station in the hot pits to conduct inspections of any car that goes off-track or is flagged for a car condition.

Whether a rookie or an experienced regular, RMVR can probably find a place for you. And, on race weekends, meals and accommodations are on RMVR! For more information on volunteering, please contact our Chief of Flagging & Communications.

View the Operations Manual