Tech Inspections

The Chief of Tech and Tech Inspectors are on the job to make sure our old race cars are prepared and maintained with an eye on keeping both car and driver intact, in good operating condition, and free of fluid leaks.

RMVR has adopted an Annual Tech Inspection process where the car/driver combo have the opportunity to attend a series of tech inspection sites prior to the beginning of the actual race season. This allows changes or safety updates to be made prior to the actual races, maximizing track time.

For those who don’t take advantage of the Annual Tech prior to the race season, or for visitors from other vintage organizations, options for race weekend Tech are announced prior to the races.

All competitors are expected to come to each event registration with a filled and signed Tech & Safety Inspection Form, performed by the driver. And it goes without saying that Tech is on the job in the hot pits during the race weekend, inspecting those who have had mechanical issues or explored beyond the pavement. Be nice to them, they’re looking out for you!

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