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Car Eligibility

Choosing a Vintage Race Car

The path to the grid requires an RMVR-eligible vintage road race car, ideally with a Log Book issued by RMVR or another VMC-affiliate racing organization. Whether there’s a vintage race car in the family, or you’ve just found your ideal vintage race car in a dusty barn, you’ll want to review RMVR’s eligibility requirements to make sure your racer complies.  

Determining Vintage Eligibility

RMVR eligibility is based on period SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR), addressing production-based race cars built before 1959 through 1981 for Production-based race cars. Sports racers follow legacy SCCA rules. Formula cars use recent Monoposto and legacy SCCA rules. In recent years IMSA production-based race cars through 1976 have been added to the mix.

If the car you wish to race has a current RMVR-issued Log Book, you’re in luck. A pre-existing log book from any legitimate race organization is a plus. And in any case, the most expedient path to the track is to contact RMVR’s Eligibility Team right from the start. If you don’t know where to start, go right to the top.

RMVR Event Run Groups

RMVR members and guest racers are grouped prior to each event based on the car’s logbook classification, subject to review by the Chief Steward and Chief of Eligibility if modifications or other factors warrant. An individual Race Event Chair may also allow certain race cars or special run groups on an Exhibition basis.

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Eligibility Rules and Documentation

Or, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, check the links below to dive into the weeds on how RMVR determines eligibility. But remember, the ruling by the Eligibility Team will always be the final determination.

View General RMVR Rules

View Car Eligibility matrix