Webmaster Calendar

@todo: update
Get banquet details from Bob Alder. Create or update the banquet event and update the banquet form (if needed). The form only needs to be updated if the banquet price changes (assuming the form is being used). Don’t forget to use the event’s own permalink as the event website (if you copy and paste the address, remove trailing spaces!).
Update Google Groups based on election results. Wherever possible, use role-based addresses rather than individual people’s addresses. For example, when you’re updating board-members@rmvr.com, don’t delete the group member treasurer@rmvr.com and replace it with jane.doe@somewhere.com. Go to treasurer@rmvr.com and put Jane there, leaving treasurer@rmvr.com a member of board-members. Make sense?
February/March (or once at least some race registration is available in MSR)
Review all race descriptions on MSR. Edit for grammar, typos, etc. Create events in WordPress for every race as described in Web Maintenance. Add the MSR Calendar widget to the Main Sidebar, underneath the Events List widget. Check the Event Registration page and the Event Registration with MSR post to make sure the calendars there look happy, too.
During the race season
Create posts promoting the races as they come up. Content should come from the Entry Chair or the race committee if there is one.
October (after the last race)
Remove any obsolete posts. Badger president for news to post. If there are no upcoming events, replace the events slider on the home page with the “Come Race With Us” video as described in Web Maintenance.
Update the Messenger widget and the Messenger Archives page with links to the new Messenger as described in Web Maintenance.