Web Maintenance

Domain Registrar

The RMVR domains (rmvr.com, rmvr.org) are registered at GoDaddy. As of this writing, Bob Alder manages domain registration.

Web Host

RMVR’s web host is WebFaction. The control panel is my.webfaction.com.

Event Registration

RMVR event registration is handled by MotorsportReg. As of this writing, Bob Alder manages event registration.

Home Page Structure

The home page consists of

  • 2 navigation menus
  • a header section
  • a slider section
  • a “Featured” section with one article
  • a “News” section with four articles
  • a “More Articles” section with five articles
  • a sidebar
  • a footer

Navigation menus

The menu at the very top of the page is called “header”. It cannot accommodate drop downs. At this writing, it contains links to

  • the Bulletin Board
  • the Classifieds
  • the Event Registration page
  • MyLaps Race Results
  • the Contact page

The menu below the header is called “main”. It can accommodate drop downs. At this writing it contains links to

  • the home page
  • the event schedule
  • a run groups drop down called “Cars”
  • a worker group drop down called “Volunteers”
  • the “How To” article category page
  • the “Rules” category page
  • the “Services” category page
  • the “Forms” category page
  • the “Links” category page


The header section contains widgets contains the RMVR logo, and widgets with the club title and a search box. John Mihalich is the Keeper of the Logos and should be consulted if any other size or type of logo is required.


The sidebar contains the following widgets:

  • A link to the volunteer sign up page maintained by Bob Alder in Constant Contact – only show this widget during the racing season.
  • The events list widget – this widget is automatically hidden when there are no events (i.e., in the off-season), and it pulls its data from The Events Calendar plugin, not from MSR.
  • The MSR calendar widget – only show this widget during the racing season. Note that this widget was coded by Katja Stokley, and is not maintained or updated by MSR.
  • A widget with the “Come Race With Us” video. The video may replace the slider section during the off-season, so this widget should also be hidden when that is the case.
  • A widget with information about the current Messenger. Update the code in this widget every time a new Messenger is published.
  • A widget containing links to the membership application and the Constant Contact mailing list sign up form.

Slider Section

During the racing season, this widget displays the featured images, dates and venues from The Events Calendar events that have not passed. During the off-season, if the schedule for the next season has been firmed up, it can be used to display next year’s events (by adding events, see below). If not, replace it with the “Come Race with Us” video by editing home.php:

Change line 20 from
<div id="iview">
<div id="iview" style="display:none;">

Change line 74 from
<div style="display:none;">

(Yes, this is a horrible hack. I kept meaning to do something about it, but never got around to it – Katja)

If this is not done, and there are no future events, the slider will show featured images from posts marked as sticky. This is probably not a good idea a) because there are hardly ever any interesting posts in the off-season and b) the featured images will probably not be sized appropriately (768 x 318 px) for the slider, and will look bad.

Adding Events to the Website Homepage Slider


  • Event name
  • Event dates
  • Event venue
  • Slider image for event, 768 x 318 px


  • MotorsportReg listing for event

The website uses The Events Calendar plugin, customized to link to MotorsportReg. Log in to the admin dashboard, and add a new event. Use the year followed by the event name as the title, do not fill in any content, fill in the dates, check “All Day Event”, fill in the venue, do not fill in organizer, use the MSR URL for the event website, do not fill in cost, set featured image to the slider image. Try to keep event names consistent, despite what others may call them (example: it’s the “Spring Grand Prix”, not the “Spring Race”; it’s “Fire & Rescue”, not “Crash & Burn”). Note the correct placement of the apostrophe in “Drivers’ School” and “Race Against Kids’ Cancer”.

If the MSR URL isn’t available yet, the slide will link to the 404 – Coming Soon page.

The slider will only show events that have not yet occurred. After the last event of the season, fill in the coming year’s calendar as soon as possible or substitute the “Come Race with Us” video as described above.

Adding Articles to the Home Page

Create a new post. Assign a featured image. Assign the post to the category “News”. Optionally, make the post sticky. Also optionally, create an tailored excerpt for the post. If there is no excerpt, the first 55 characters of the post will be displayed. The most recent sticky post will appear in the “Featured” section of the home page. The most recent 4 posts in the category “News” appear in the “News” section. A random selection of posts appears in the “More Articles” section.

Sometimes it is not appropriate for an article to appear on the home page (for example, this page). In that case, instead of creating a post, create a page. Pages will never appear on the home page.

A couple of theme idiosyncrasies: in this theme, featured images do not appear in the page or post itself, only on the home page and in archive pages. If you want the featured image in the post, you have to add it explicitly. There is also a little CSS bug that manifests when you add an image. You must have a carriage return between the image and the text that will be next to it, or the line spacing is reduced, resulting in squished text in any paragraph that includes an image.

Updating Messenger Announcement

When a new Messenger is available, John Mihalich will send out a notice to that effect. John has a user account on the webhost and takes care up uploading the Messenger files. The files will be in /home/rmvr/webapps/rmvr_wp/assets/messenger_archive/{folder}, where the folder name is usually YYYYMM. There are two versions of the Messenger, a PDF version (found at /home/rmvr/webapps/rmvr_wp/assets/messenger_archive/{folder}/{month}{year}_screen.pdf) and an HTML version (found at /home/rmvr/webapps/rmvr_wp/assets/messenger_archive/{folder}/index.html). The folder and PDF file names are not always consistent, so check with John if they cannot be found.

Updated Messenger information goes in 2 places:

  1. Home page sidebar widget: in the Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets, open the Advanced Text widget named “The Vintage Messenger” in the Main Sidebar. Locate the lines with the Messenger links and update them with the most current links:

    September/October 2018<br/>
    <a href="http://rmvr.com/assets/messenger_archive/20180910/October2018_screen.pdf">PDF</a> | <a href="http://rmvr.com/assets/messenger_archive/20180910/">HTML</a><br/>

    Save the changes to the widget.

  2. Messenger Archive page: update the Messenger Archive page with a link to the PDF version of the new Messenger.

When the website has been updated, reply to everyone on John’s announcement email. At this point the email manager will send out an email to the membership.

Odds and Ends

Formula Ford Scholarship: The Formula Ford Scholarship application is only accepted between January and March. The contents of the application page are controlled by a PHP code snippet that checks to see if it is between January and March. If it is, the form is displayed. If not, a message is displayed saying that the application is only accepted between January and March. The PHP code snippet can be updated or changed under PHP Code in the administrative menu.

Non-MSR/non-race events: To add a non-race event like Fire & Rescue School to the event slider and events widget, add a new event, put all of the explanatory text in the content, and then in the event website field, put the URL for this event’s page. (Yes, the page references itself. It’s another hacky workaround.).