Document Control

Version Control

Subversion is used for version control of important RMVR documents.

The documents under version control include:

  • The RMVR General Rules
  • Rules for individual car classes (generally copies or scans of rule books from other racing bodies like SCCA or IMSA)
  • RMVR exceptions to the rules
  • Paper forms – these should be triaged at some point, as almost all of them have been migrated to online forms
  • Manuals and instructions for various RMVR jobs (head of tech, head of eligibility, etc.)
  • Vintage Messengers
  • The image collection for website use

Documents under version control are located in the following directory structure:


Most of the documents in /home/rmvr/assets/documents are both in Word and PDF formats. The Word format is used for edits and updates, and the PDF is the version linked to in posts and pages.

There is an additional subdirectory /home/rmvr/assets/msr_backups that is not under version control. This is the directory into which nightly scripts place the day’s list of cars and members.

Two other directories, /home/rmvr/forms and /home/rmvr/rules, contain symbolic links to PDF documents in /home/rmvr/assets/documents. The rules and forms pages contain links to those directories rather than linking directly into the /home/rmvr/assets/documents directory. At some point the /home/rmvr/forms directory could be reduced or eliminated as well, after checking that there are no existing links to it in any current posts or pages.

Updating Documents

RMVR general rules and exceptions are updated only by direction of the board. When a change in the rules has been passed, find the appropriate Word document, make the changes as directed (minor typographical or grammatical errors can be corrected even if the board does not direct this), save the document as both Word and PDF, and check it into the Subversion repository. Forms and manuals are updated as needed without board approval. As of the current writing Bob Alder does most of these updates, but will need the webmaster to retrieve the controlled Word document from Subversion to start with.