Volunteers – Timing & Scoring

Why should you work Timing & Scoring? First of all, there are the many great benefits:

  • Except for street races you will be inside. No need to be exposed to nasty sun or rain or (potential) rattlesnakes.
  • The snacks are primo! We start each morning with sweet rolls – bring your own coffee. In the afternoon we often feature zesty trail mix and green grapes. At street races, canned soft drinks are also provided.
  • There is never a dull moment.
  • Free Excedrin is provided for every headache.
  • The view of the track is dynamite! (Of course you’ll never actually see a race – just the little bit that goes by the start finish line in front of you.)
Photo Credit: Dave Philip

Photo Credit: Dave Philip

What kind of help do we need? As most of you know, our duties in Timing & Scoring have changed considerably since we’ve begun using the AMB transponder system. However, we still need people who are computer literate. We also need someone to copy and post results, and someone to rent transponders on Friday and collect them on Sunday after the races. So, if you enjoy lots of stress, mixed with lots of laughs, T & S is the place for you!

If you’d like to help with Timing & Scoring, contact our chiefs of Timing & Scoring.