Rules & Regulations

  • RMVR General Rules – Full Text (PDF). The General Rules govern all aspects of RMVR including membership, driver eligibility, car eligibility, safety, and events.
  • RMVR Constitution & By-Laws – Full Text (PDF)
  • Eligibility Matrix and Governing Documentation. This webpage contains a matrix that will guide you to detailed rules, including RMVR’s Exceptions, for each of the many car classes. Detailed rules of preparation for each class are based on the rules of various sanctioning bodies at various historical points in time. RMVR has established Exceptions allowed to the historic rules. Where possible, the matrix provides links to the original sanctioning documents and the RMVR Exceptions for each class. It is the car owner’s responsibility to read and understand these rules before constructing a race car.

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Suggestions for Proposed Rules Changes

As a courtesy to Board members and to improve your odds of making timely progress on your suggested rules change, please keep in mind the following when contemplating any proposal.

First, it is always a good idea to have done your homework by exploring the issue, in advance, with fellow members, run group peers, eligibility and/or Board members. Also, on some issues, it is good to know what other vintage clubs do. In any case, it is helpful to have developed a consensus or have endorsement from other people prior to making any proposal to the Board. If nothing else the discussions will be helpful in formulating the proposal and understanding its pros and cons. Also, be sure to have a good understanding of the existing rules. Sometimes rules are already in place to deal with many problems. All too often proposals are made with a poor understanding of the current rules creating such nagging consequences as a rules conflict. In fact, the solution may already be available by simply enforcing an existing rule.

Once all this is done, the proposal to the Board should include the following formalities:

  1. Contact the President in advance of the Board meeting in order to have your item put on the NEW BUSINESS portion of the next Board meeting agenda.
  2. Prepare your written proposal and bring sufficient copies to the meeting. There are 12 Board members so bring at least that many copies, more if you wish other people attending to follow along. It is your responsibility to have these copies at the meeting. If possible, an additional advance copy mailed to the President and/or Board members would certainly help your cause. This write up should include the following elements:
    1. A very brief paragraph explaining the background of underlying problem, the reasoning behind the proposed change, and who else supports the idea.
    2. An accurate recitation of the rules (Section #’s etc.) as they currently exist prior to your proposed change.
    3. The suggested changes, precisely worded, showing exactly what will be altered, added, and/or deleted from the existing rules.
    4. Any other supporting information.
  3. Be prepared to discuss the proposal’s pros and cons.

Following these steps will greatly help the Board to consider your proposal. As you probably know, all rules change proposals must be considered by the Board. Their first step is to accept or reject the form and language of the proprosal, and that requires a motion, a second, and a vote. If that motion passes, the proposal is published in the minutes and then voted on at a subsequent meeting. After the initial vote, only minor changes may be made and the proposal must remain essentially the same or the process starts over. If approved on the second vote, the proposed rules change becomes effective immediately.