How to Mentor a New Driver

Remember how you were introduced to vintage racing? Remember your first time behind the wheel? Membership and race entries continue to decline. To meet the serious challenges facing us, our club must grow. Our goal is to increase participation at the Drivers’ School. We need to help people who want to try racing to go racing.

Share Your Experience. Share Your Car!

How do I become a mentor?

  1. Select someone you trust who would be a good candidate to join and participate in RMVR.
  2. Loan that person your race car for the Drivers’ School (the deal you make with the student is up to you).
  3. Guide the student through the process of joining the club, getting a medical, and entering the Drivers’ School. Help them borrow or otherwise obtain driver safety equipment.
  4. As a Mentor you will not be the student’s driving instructor. Your role is to provide the race car and help convince their spouse this is a great idea.
  5. Some may choose to continue to share their car during part of the season. However, no one expects you to. If you get the student to the Drivers’ School, then continue encouragement, you have done your part.

What does the student get?

Besides your kind assistance, the student gets entry into the Drivers’ School; a two year membership in RMVR; a one year subscription to Victory Lane Magazine; and your introduction to our Marshalls so they can work a corner or two. All for only $450!

When your protégé receives a competition license, you (the mentor) will have your entry fee waived for two events. More importantly, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped RMVR remain viable so that you can continue to go racing.

Ready to be a mentor? Have your new student download and submit the Mentor Program Application.