How To Join

An Invitation

To race a car with us you will need to join RMVR. The first step is to complete the Application for Membership.

To race a car, in addition to joining the club, you will need to take other necessary steps to make sure your race car is eligible and registered with us. You will also need to have a current medical exam and competition license. Please be sure to also take care of these essential steps to complete the process. You can learn more by reading these “How To …” help sections:

Is this a great pace car, or what? Photo Credit: Andy Gould

If you would like to be active in RMVR but it is not the time to own a race car, volunteering as a worker or marshal allows a great opportunity to participate. You will get an up-close view of the action as a Corner Worker, or you can assist with Timing and Scoring, or get the cars on the track working Pit & Grid or Tech inspection. Try it – volunteer for a day or weekend. Simply join as a member and pursue any of these varied, necessary, and exciting club functions.