How To Get an RMVR Tech Inspection


To insure properly prepared and safe race cars, RMVR requires periodic technical (“Tech”) inspections of all race cars.  The RMVR’s Rules General Rules, specifically Section D. GENERAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS, spell out proper safety equipment for race cars and drivers.  All racers and tech inspectors should be familiar with those rules.

Further, RMVR provides a Tech and Safety Inspection form to aid drivers and Tech Inspectors a check list for compliance with those rules and other safety related items.

RMVR Annual Tech Inspection

Our Tech team wishes to insist on quality of Annual inspections because they are important to all drivers’ safety, not just yours.  Another pair of eyes spending some quality time with your car is an amazing thing.

An Annual Tech Inspection, performed by an Approved tech inspector, is required and should be completed each year before you show up for your first race weekend. Watch your email or consult for a published list of Approved people and racecar prep shops who can perform an Annual Tech inspection of the car.

  1. Print the Tech and Safety Inspection form. Thoroughly inspect the car yourself using the “Driver” column check list for each item.
  2. Take your car and all of your driver’s safety gear, including your helmet, to an Approved Annual inspector.

If your car passes inspection, the Tech Inspector will sign a page in your Log Book devoted to the Annual Tech inspection.  If your car does not pass, the Tech Inspector will note in the car’s Log Book what needs to be fixed.  You will need to fix those items before your Annual Tech can be completed.

Good news: If you obtain a pre-season Annual Tech inspection before showing up for your first event, the car is exempt from further at-track event inspections for the entire season.   Your registration process (see below) at every event will thus be considerably streamlined.

Race Weekend “Event” Tech Inspection

As noted above, if your car already has an Annual Tech inspection noted in the car’s Log Book, there is no further at-track car inspection required. Simply present the car’s Log Book and a self-inspection tech sheet to the Tech Representative at the Registration Desk.  On a fresh page in the Log Book devoted to that weekend’s event, they will signify “OK To Race.”  This will let you finish the registration process to get weekend race credentials, namely a Run Group roll bar sticker for the car and a wrist band for you. You’re done.  Ready to go racing.

However, if the car does NOT have a completed Annual Tech inspection, the Tech Representative will ask you to step out of line and visit the Tech Station for an at-track tech inspection.  They will probably not have time to do a full “Annual Tech” inspection.  They will, however, quickly inspect the car and sign off “OK To Race” on an event page in the Log Book. This will let return to the Registration Desk to claim your weekend race credentials (Run Group sticker and wrist band) and you’re ready to race.  Hint: You should then get a bone-fide Annual inspection before your next event so you don’t have to repeat the at-track inspection ordeal next time.  Hint #2: Tech personnel often get to the track Thursday evening.  They will try to accommodate an annual tech on Friday during the day, but only if you call ahead (303-697-5475) and if they have time to do it.