How To Get Started Racing

You always promised yourself you’d go racing, right?

Well, it can be done!

Nearly all drivers in our club had promised themselves they would one day go racing. Some figured out how to do it early in adult life; most waited until their career allowed them the time and economic stability to fulfill the dream. It’s never too late.
First step, join RMVR. You don’t need a racecar to become a member. Then attend our races and other events. Start meeting the members and our great workers who support us. Become familiar with the workings of the club and the type of car you might like to race. Ask questions! Everyone is more than willing to help – members and staff alike.

RMVR and vintage racing are about fun!

RMVR is a volunteer club. Members organize events and serve as Driving Instructors, Stewards, and Chiefs of Specialties. Well-trained volunteer track workers look after you in the event of any track incident. Our members, volunteer Stewards and Chiefs of Specialties take safety seriously. Rules strictly limiting dangerous driving are sternly enforced. The rest of this is all about fun. The joy of participation, the exhilaration of each successfully executed lap, and maintaining a reliable racecar is what RMVR is about. Finishing eighth for the very first time can make a weekend. The camaraderie with fellow members is truly rewarding. Race events are weekend outings with family and friends.

What can I win?

At RMVR the only thing you have to win or lose is the respect of your fellow racers. Except for occasional special race weekends, there are no trophies or prize money for winning a race. There is no championship. A race session in which you and another competitor dice for position at the front, mid-pack, or to avoid finishing last is more fun than you have had in a very long time. It’s a win-win. We promise!

What cars are eligible to run with RMVR?

RMVR races cars that we all learned to know and love. Eligible small-engine production cars mostly date prior to 1973. Most are European including MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Lotus, Porsche, Austin Healey, Alfa Romeo, Sunbeam, and the ever-popular Mini. However, eligibility extends to 1981 for many production cars like Corvette, Mustang, and Camero. Open-wheel formula cars up to 1981 are permitted including everything from Formula Vee to Formula Ford, Formula 5000 and even retired Indy racecars. And Sports Racers can be up to 1984.
In other words, there’s a car class to suit everyone. For a comprehensive look at all the various RMVR classes and specific preparation rules, please visit the How to Apply for RMVR Car Eligibility page of our website.

How do I find a racecar to buy?

Our monthly club newsletter, the Vintage Messenger, has some classified ads for available cars. The RMVR Bulletin Board also has a classified section where users post ads for race cars. There are several good race preparation shops in Colorado who can steer you to cars which are for sale. And, of course, the Internet offers many sites involved in the sale of racecars and parts. Victory Lane Magazine and other magazines are dedicated to vintage racing and all have classified sections. The price range for your choice is very wide. There are cars available for as little as $2,500 or you could spend more than $100,000. Many excellent choices exist between $5,000 and $20,000.

Would you like to try racing before buying a car?

There are several avenues available if you don’t wish to buy a race car right now:

  • Participate in our Precision Driving School, held each spring
  • Apply for one of the RMVR Scholarship Programs
  • Find an RMVR member willing to mentor your entree into racing
  • Attend one of the many commercially operated racing schools

Here is additional information on RMVR Scholarships and Mentoring.

Or maybe you’re not ready to race a car?

You can still be very involved with the sport. If you would like to be active in RMVR but it is not the time to race a car, volunteering as a track worker is a great opportunity to participate. You will get up-close and personal view of the action as a corner worker, or help do tech inspections on the racecars, or help on Pit & Grid to get cars on the track. Try it — volunteer for a day or weekend. We will even buy lunch! Visit the Worker/Marshal section of this website to see the many great ways you can get involved before or even instead of racing a car.
“How To Get Started Racing”? The answer is simple; as the popular advertising slogan says, “Just do it”. You’ll never regret it.