How To Get A Competition License

The RMVR Competition License

For the safety of all of its members, RMVR, like all other race organizations, has a rigorous licensing process. To participate in our races, you must have a current RMVR Competition License, an RMVR Provisional License, or a VMC license.

The Chief Driving Instructor (CDI) is responsible for issuing RMVR licenses and for conducting the annual RMVR Drivers’ School. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Chief Driving Instructor ( or consult the Contact Us section of this website for the CDI’s name and phone number.

For those without prior racing experience and just starting out in vintage racing, the Spring RMVR Drivers’ School is the best thing going. This 3-day School with a proven curriculum is one of the best racing schools in the country. After participating in the School and subsequent instructor-supervised race weekends, students will obtain their RMVR Competition License and be well equipped to safely enjoy this great sport. Basically our licensing requirements are:

  1. successful completion of RMVR Drivers’ School, or other approved school, and
  2. successful completion of at least two additional weekend events under the continued supervision and observation of an assigned driving instructor.

Drivers’ School is also always open to previously licensed drivers who have not raced for a while, who are moving up to a much faster race car, or who simply wish to brush up on their skills in a low pressure environment. Looking for more information? Check out the Drivers’ School FAQ or contact the Chief Driving Instructor.

Complete license requirements are available on our Rules & Regulations page.

If you have prior racing experience, you may not need to attend our Spring School. “Prior racing experience” includes:

If you have prior experience, you may apply directly for an RMVR Competition License by joining the club and filling out an Application for Competition License, supplying the details and proof of your prior racing experience. Acceptance of prior experience in lieu of Drivers’ School is at the discretion of the Chief Driving instructor.

The VMC National License

Due to the stunning growth of vintage racing over the past decade, vintage events can now be found virtually year-round somewhere in North America. Because of the increasing national scope of vintage racing, RMVR was instrumental in the 1987 formation of the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC). This confederation of clubs from across the country was formed to deal with our common issues.

One of the VMC functions is to issue a national vintage competition license which is accepted at other vintage clubs across the country. So, if you plan on racing a lot with other clubs, you may wish to also obtain a VMC license. Requirements are 1) a current RMVR Competition License, 2) a copy of your current medical exam, 3) a passport sized photo, and 4) $25.00.

Download the VMC License Application and submit it with the above to our Chief Driving Instructor ( for approval and forwarding to the VMC.