How to Apply for RMVR Car Eligibility

RMVR’s rules for preparing cars are based on the sanctioning rules of the era, most commonly SCCA’s General Competition Rules (GCR) and their attendant Production Car Specifications (PCS). Cars must also conform to any RMVR Exceptions to those rules. Exceptions are created for a variety of reasons (updated safety, allowing some other modifications, or clarifying some SCCA ambiguity).

RMVR has a plethora of choices in cars and classes to go vintage racing. There is something for everyone! But that variety means lots of choices, lots of decisions and, necessarily, lots of different rules for these varied classes.

  1. To prepare a car for an RMVR log book, read the appropriate RMVR rules for preparation of your car (see the Eligibility Matrix which will guide you to those rules). No sense in making modifications to the car only to find out the modifications aren’t legal. Eligibility Team Specialists are available to help you thru the process of preparing your car and submitting it for an RMVR Log Book and car number. Please work with your Specialist on any questions you may have before preparing your car or submitting the application.
  2. Submit your Car Eligibility Application. The entire process is done online, and the form includes complete instructions.

The Eligibility Specialist will then review your Application and advise you in writing of its acceptance or (hopefully not) rejection. If your application is accepted, you’ll receive a fresh RMVR Log Book and the number assigned to the car. If it is rejected, the letter will explain the deficiency. The Specialist will be available to work with you to resolve any issues.

Note: If you have purchased a car which already has an RMVR log book, you will need to submit the car for eligibility again. Having a prior log book with a prior owner does not insure that the car still meets eligibility requirements. The club’s familiarity with the car will help expedite the process. The previous car number assigned by RMVR does not go with a car when sold. You can apply for that same number, but the club reserves the right to assign a new number. We’ll try, but can’t guarantee the same number is still available.

Now, please use the Eligibility Matrix to aid you in reading and understanding the rules for your car.

Also note that you need to be a current member before submitting a car for a log book & car number.