Gateway Group


Introducing RMVR’s Gateway run Group

The purpose of this run group is to welcome otherwise non-eligible race cars the chance to race with RMVR.  It will all entrants to run non-RMVR race vehicles with our club.

Qualifications to enter this new Gateway Run Group

  • All vehicles must be closed wheel and have a Log Book from a well-established and recognized road racing organization
  • All vehicles must be nicely prepared – no lemons
  • All vehicles mist pass an RMVR Event Tech Inspection
  • All RMVR safety requirements must be met.  Regarding fuel cells, as long as the vehicle has passes preparation rules regarding the use of a fuel cell (or not requiring one) by the organization issuing the Log Book. the vehicle will be allowed to run in this Gateway Run Group
  • All drivers entering the Gateway Run Group must hold a valid and up-to-date medical exam AND a current Competition License OR Provisional License from their issuing organization

To enter this new Gateway Run Group in, when asked for your car’s class, please select “Board Appvd/ (This Event)” as the class of your car.  This will assign your car to the dedicated Gateway Run Group.