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Online registration and event management service for motorsport events powered by MotorsportReg.com
RMVR uses MotorsportReg (MSR) for all race registration and administration. RMVR also uses the MSR platform to manage its entire membership data base including drivers, workers, and non-racing members. Every RMVR member has a “Profile” on the MSR system.

By going on line to motorsportreg.com and logging into your MSR account, you can:

  • Easily enter RMVR races.
  • See all who have entered any event with the “Attendee List” feature.
  • Edit your own personal contact info (email, phone, address, etc.).
  • Populate your Garage with your car(s) to be entered into events.
  • Enter events run by the many other racing organizations who also use MotorsportReg (including High Plains Raceway for track days, SCCA, BMW, PCA, etc.).

Tips For RMVR Members Using MSR

First-time users of MSR:

  • When you join RMVR, we set up a Profile for you using your email address as your username. Go to motorsportreg.com, and sign in using your email address as your username.
  • Select “Forgot password?”, and you’ll receive an email from MSR with a link to a page where you can change your username (if you wish) and establish whatever password you like. Be sure to make a note of your username & password for future use!

Existing users of MSR:

  • Go to motorsportreg.com and sign in with your username and password and you’re on your way.

If you are sure you already have an MSR profile, but can’t get logged in:

  • Please do not try to create a new login from scratch. Contact admin@rmvr.com (303-319-3062) and we’ll get it sorted out for you.

To register for an RMVR event:

  • It is easiest to just go to rmvr.com and select the event you wish to enter. You will be taken to the MSR event page and be asked to sign in.
  • Or go directly to motorsportreg.com and sign in with your username and password. When logged in, you’ll be at your Dashboard tab. Select the Calendar tab to find or search for the RMVR event you wish to enter.
  • In either case, select the appropriate registration boxes, answer any questions, and when prompted, pick your race car from your Garage.
  • Supply your credit card info (you only have to do this once) and submit.
  • You’ll receive instant email confirmation after entering.

To view or edit your mailing address, email, or phone numbers:

  • From your My Account tab, choose “Edit My Information” to change your contact info.
    Note: If you want to change your email address of record, do so in that “Edit My Information” section. If you’ve been using that email address as your username, you must also use the “Edit My Username and Password” function to change your username. Just changing it in your account info won’t change the login username.

To view or edit the cars in your Garage:

  • From your profile, the Garage will show your car(s) with an edit button next to each car.
  • To add another car, select “Edit Vehicles”, then “Add Vehicle.”
    Note: Some of the information on cars with an RMVR log book is read only. This information is grayed out and can’t be edited. Contact eligibility@rmvr.com if you see problems.

    Troubleshooting & Useful Hints

    I have a new medical. What should I do?

    Submit the completed medical form (via snail mail or email PDF scan) to our administrator per the directions on the form. Don’t try to update your medical info on MSR. There are some similar fields, but RMVR doesn’t use those particular MSR data fields. We track your medical exam data in totally a different manner, maintained only by our Administrator.

    For some weird reason, my car appears twice in my Garage.

    If the car showing twice and has an RMVR logbook, you can avoid event registration issues by deleting the car which does not have the requisite RMVR logbook info (logbook number, etc.).

    I want to enter someone else (friend or family member) in an event.

    MSR’s instructions to “Register Someone Else” are faulty and cause problems. Please do not try to create a profile for someone else using the “Register someone else” and “Add another person” functions. It is best, if the other person has their own MSR profile, to just let them enter the event themselves.

    What if I wish to share RMVR registered cars in my Garage with someone else?

    If you’re going to regularly share your RMVR registered car(s) with another driver, they should not try to setup the car (i.e. with a similar description) in their Garage because that car becomes an “undocumented” duplicate and will cause problems when trying to enter it. Here is the preferred solution. Have the other driver log in, then go to the following URL:


    The other driver will be prompted to enter your username (email address). Then MSR will let the other driver “share” the cars in your Garage when they enter events. It will also cause their profile to show in your account when you log in, making it easy for you to also enter them in events if you wish to do that for them.

    I have sold a race car with an RMVR logbook.

    Please just delete the car from your Garage and also please notify eligibility@rmvr.com.

    I use MSR but I am not a paid up RMVR member, and I’d like to monitor RMVR events.

    From your Profile page, use the “Edit Club Memberships” button to find and add RMVR to your list of “Club Memberships”

    Note: MSR’s use of “Club Memberships” is misleading. Adding RMVR to your MSR “Club Memberships” does not mean that you are a paid up member. Actual membership in RMVR requires paying annual dues.

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