Big Bore Group

These are the big, ground-pounding cars in the club. This group consists of the V-8 powered Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Falcons, Shelby GT350s, Cobras, Dodges, Plymouths, and some Porsches. There are also a number of other over 2.0-litre Sedans which are classed with the Big Bore run group. Also, depending on the engines, some of the B production cars wind up being more appropriately run in this group of very fast production cars. The big Porsche cars simply love to beat up on the V-8s.

Clearly, these cars are the crowd pleasers. When the big boys (and sometimes girls!) show up in these cars, everyone is aware of it and the spectators and other drivers watch the action. In the past couple of years, Keith Davidson has done an excellent job organizing the annual RMVR Trans-Am featured weekend at Pueblo. Significant cars and drivers from around the country come to this premier event.

Ford Falcon Sprint

Keith Davidson’s very fast and very unique Ford Falcon Sprint at speed.
Photo Credit: Bob Alder

If V-8 power and wheel spinning action are your desires, this is the group for you. However, be sure your car is prepared in compliance with the RMVR rules governing this group. The rules for preparing these cars are quite complex because there are classes that go beyond the 1967 cut-off applied to most other RMVR production cars. Some classes of big bore cars are prepared using the 1972 GCR rules (SCCA’s rules bible), and some can be prepared to the 1981 GCR. Also, there are some unique big bore classes defined and developed uniquely by RMVR. For complete information on RMVR rules, and an application to submit a car for RMVR eligibility, see How to Apply for RMVR Car Eligibility, a detailed guide to RMVR’s eligibility process.

If you wish to gain insights into big bore cars, contact one of the Big Bore Eligibility Team Specialists. They are very, very knowledgeable, congenial, and quite willing to help. There is also a Big Bore Forum on the RMVR Bulletin Board to post your questions being assured that answers will be immediately forthcoming.