“Fantastically, Brilliantly, Amazing Results”

RAKC-ZachMeet Zach. Zach’s tumors are gone thanks to research funded by the Morgan Adams Foundation through charitable contributions raised at the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing (RMVR) Race Against Kids’ Cancer.

Almost six years ago, Zach was diagnosed with the “good” kind of medulloblastoma—easier to treat and highly unlikely to recur. Unfortunately in December 2014, Zach’s tumor did just that. Not only did Zach’s cancer return in his brain, it had spread throughout his spine as well, with too many tumors to remove. Chemotherapy was his only option.

“Fantastically, brilliantly, amazing results”
—Dr. Foreman, Zach’s doctor

Thanks to the research conducted by Dr. Rajeev Vibhakar at Children’s Hospital Colorado and funded by the Morgan Adams Foundation, today Zach is able to have so much hope. The treatment protocol developed as a result of Dr. Vibhakar’s research immediately started to shrink Zach’s tumors, and are now completely inactive!

Zach is proof that the money RMVR raises at the Race Against Kids’ Cancer benefiting the Morgan Adams Foundation really matters! Thanks to your continued support and generous donations, we are helping kids all over the world have hope and a reason to smile.

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