New ProAm Race at 2017 RAKC

Thanks to Schomp BMW & MINI, this year’s RAKC will feature a ProAm race as the last race on Saturday, July 29. Ten Schomp cars and up to 10 Professional drivers will be paired with an RMVR driver to compete head-to-head. So far, Ross Bentley, Randy Pobst, Robb Holland, Nick Ham and Robby Unser are onboard and very excited!

How will the ProAm race work? This race will be two racing sessions with a mandatory, timed pit stop to change driver. The Pro driver will drive one session, and the RMVR member will drive the other session.

How will the RMVR members be selected for the ProAm race? This unique opportunity will be offered to the 10 RMVR racers who fundraise the most dollars to benefit our charity partner, The Morgan Adams Foundation.

Watching this ProAm race will be very exciting, but the thrill of driving in it will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you want a shot at it, get busy fundraising!

Thank you, Schomp, for making this amazing race possible! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.