New ProAm Race at 2017 RAKC

Alex Figge

Tanner Foust

Ashley Freiberg

Paul Gerrard

Nick Ham

Robb Holland

Randy Pobst

Robby Unser

Thanks to Schomp BMW & MINI, this year’s RAKC will feature a ProAm race as the last race on Saturday, July 29th. Ten Schomp cars ((5 MINI CooperS and 5 BMW 340i) and up to 10 professional drivers will be paired with an RMVR driver to compete head-to-head.

The Pro lineup includes Randy Pobst, Robb Holland, Nick Ham, Robby Unser, Paul Gerrard, Alex Figge, Tanner Foust and Ashley Freiberg. All are very excited to participate in our annual charity event and help us raise some serious money for pediatric cancer research! In fact, many of the Pro drivers will be at the track the whole week-end, giving lunch rides, donating items for auction, and signing autographs! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to hang out with this fantastic group of Pros!

Now that we know who the Pros are, how will the RMVR members be selected for the ProAm race?

  • This unique opportunity will be offered to the 10 RMVR drivers who are registered for the RAKC event and who raise the most funds to benefit our charity partner, The Morgan Adams Foundation.
  • For purposes of determining the top 10 RMVR drivers, the deadline for tabulating fundraising totals was Wednesday, July 26th at 6:00 p.m. MDT..
  • A random drawing will determine Pro/RMVR driver pairings and Schomp car assignments.

And the RMVR driver grid is:

Driver Amount raised
1 Pete Sabeff $10,000
2 Kiel Hogan $9,225
3 Bob Hancock $7,700
4 Kirk Peterson $7,290
5 Andrew Jordan $6,114
6 Steve Barkley $5,544
7 Mark Mauz $5,000
8 Frank Albert $4,875
9 Kelly Nichols $4,468
10 Kyle Popejoy $3,720
Total 63,936

How will the ProAm race work?

  • This race will be a 45-minute race.
  • There will be a mandatory, timed 5-minute pit stop in the hot-lane to change drivers. Pits will open 15 minutes into the race and close 30 minutes into the race. Each team must change drivers during this pit window.
  • Each ProAm team will determine their own strategy; who races first and how long to drive into the pit window.
  • Grid position will be determined by the RMVR driver’s fundraising total, with the highest fundraiser at the pole position.

Which ProAm team will you be cheering for? To learn more about each Pro’s racing career, click on the Pro’s picture!

Watching this ProAm race will be very exciting, but the thrill of sharing a ride with one of these Pro drivers will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Thank you, Schomp, for making this amazing ProAm race possible!