Guidelines for Spins, Infractions & Penalties

May 07, 2014

RMVR has adopted new Guidelines for the Stewards for the 2014 racing season. This was done to address the increased number of metal-to-metal incidents, on-track spins, and four-offs during the 2013 season. These new guidelines were adopted due to the fact that most metal-to-metal incidents were the result of spins.

The RMVR Board took this action to reduce the number of incidents and to improve the overall safety of our racing events. The safety of our drivers, workers, members, and spectators is the number one priority of the RMVR Board and its Membership. The RMVR Board is strongly urging you to please race responsibly, with full respect for your fellow drivers on the track. Spins are a loss of car control and may cause damage and/or injury to not only you, and your car, but also to your fellow competitors.

These Guidelines are a living, breathing, policy which will be edited and changed to address the current safety issues, incidents, spins, and four-offs which occur during each racing season. These Guidelines are not set in stone. They are a working version to be improved upon and modified to address all current racing issues. Note: The only new policy changes in these Guidelines are the spin and four-off definitions and penalties. The other driver infractions and related penalties have been in place for many, many years. The RMVR Board decided that these driver incident and penalty Guidelines needed to be put in writing, and made readily available to drivers, to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that incidents and penalties are determined on a more consistent, timely and fair basis. Drivers will now have a written document for their reference to determine what penalties to expect depending on the nature and severity of the incident in which they are involved.

Summary of New RMVR Spin, Infraction and Penalty Guidelines:

Spins and Four-Offs (within a single event/weekend):

Note: All four-offs and on-track spins must come in to Tech. On-track spin is defined as your car rotating 90 degrees or greater to the line of travel. Spins or four-offs caused by incident avoidance, mechanical failure, or on track debris will not be penalized, but all drivers involved in a spin or four-off must come in to Tech.

  • 1st Spin/Four-Off – Come in to Tech and if cleared, go back onto track.
  • 2nd Spin/Four-Off – Come in to Tech then go to your pit stall with loss of next racing session.
  • 3rd Spin/Four-Off – Come in to Tech then go to your pit stall, put car on trailer, and you will receive a 2 event probation.

Driver Infractions and Penalties:

Note: All penalties are assessed to the Driver(s) causing the incident. Driver(s) causing the incident is(are) done racing for the remainder of the session and possibly the remainder of the race event.

  • Cosmetic (paint scrape) to one or multiple cars – Penalty: 2 active race probation.
  • Repairable cosmetic damage (minor body damage) to one or multiple cars (Victim(s) able to continue to race) – Penalty: 3 active race probation.
  • Repairable structural or body damage to one or multiple cars (Victim(s) able to continue to race with repairs) – Penalty: 2 race suspension with 4 active race probation.
  • Significant structural or body damage with possible minor injury to driver(s) (Victim(s) unable to continue to race) – Penalty: 3 race suspension with 6 active race probation.
  • Significant structural or body damage with serious injury to driver(s) (Victim(s) unable to continue to race) – Penalty: 13 race suspension and 13 active race probation. Drivers must attend Drivers’ School to return to RMVR racing events.

Please consider these Guidelines before you make that next “risky” move. A poor decision, an ill-timed move, or a loss of car control can endanger your safety and the safety of your fellow racers. Above all, be respectful of your fellow racers, their cars, and their safety. Always follow the Golden Rule of Vintage Racing: “When in Doubt, Don’t!”

Thank you for observing these new Guidelines. The RMVR Board would like to wish you a safe and successful 2014 racing season. For the full version of these Guidelines, download the PDF version of the GUIDELINES For Chief & Race Steward On Driver Infractions & Penalties.

Respectfully submitted, RMVR Board of Directors