Call for Board Candidates

Election time is rapidly approaching. As most of you know, the club has elections in the fall to fill board positions that are coming open at the beginning of the next year. Once nominations have been received, candidates prepare a biography and a photo and then we prepare a ballot which is sent to all current members. Results of the election are announced at the banquet in January. It isn’t the White house but it is important, and we can guarantee no Russian meddling!

TL;DR: Email me at to throw your hat into the ring, and thank you!

Get involved with running our club! There are lots of exciting things happening with RMVR. Our races have been successful and well attended this year. Snowmass is a real cool deal (those who have not been yet are missing out big time!). We are making a strong push for younger members and ways to make it fun for spouses and family. Maybe you have other ideas on how we can improve the club?

There are plenty of complainers but few people who orchestrate change. Get involved, learn what it takes to make the club function. The commitment involves showing up for 10 meetings a year plus the Feedback Session and the Banquet. Did I mention that the meetings are held at a Mexican restaurant?

Elections are open to Workers and Drivers. Nominate yourself or nominate a friend. Ideally, we need several candidates for each position and we need them from all the run groups. On a side note, there are precious few FF people on the board. The largest run group has the fewest officers. What’s up?

Open positions for 2019 are as follows:

  • President (3-year deal: President-elect, President, Past-President)
  • Treasurer (2-year term)
  • (3) At Large Board positions (2-year terms)

Email me at to throw your hat into the ring, and thank you!

Brian Nelson