Blue Bonnet Café


May 16, 2018


Call To Order Time:   7:00


Roll Call of Board Members:

Brian Nelson (President) - P

Frank Albert (Past President)– P

Patrick Fay (President Elect) - P

Kyle Popejoy (Treasurer) – P

Scott Stekr (Secretary)– P

Ken Tisdale (At Large)– P

Christy Hopkins (At Large)– P

Brant McClung (At Large)– P

Wayne Siebrecht (At Large)– P

Jeff Payne (At Large) – P

Jeff Hall (At Large) –  A - Excused

Bob Hancock (At Large) – P


Approval of April Minutes

Motion – Wayne Siebrecht

2nd – Ken Tisdale

Approved – All present voting board members.


President’s Opening Remarks – Brian Nelson

What has been witnessed this year has fallen in line with the financial goals set forth this year.  The weather cooperated this year which helped with the overall success of this school.  The savings from not having guest instructors has benefited the bottom line. 

Currently 102 entrants for the Spring Race.  The weather is not looking good for the weekend however the financial outlook looks good.

We have worked with CustomInk on a Beta Test for a storefront for purchasing RMVR shirts.  People can purchase shirts from past events, current events and general shirts are also available.  The website will be made available via media blast soon. 


Treasurer Report – Kyle Popejoy

Wayne Siebrecht -  Where do the patch expenses fall?  Kyle – All of the patches are purchased at the beginning of the year and the costs are divided between the races.


Motion to accept as presented:  Wayne Siebrecht

2nd – Frank Albert

Approved – All present voting board members.


Chief of Specialties Report:

Patrick Fay – Open wheel starts at school were “interesting”.  For some reason the open wheel group was split which made for kind of an odd split start.  

Ken Tisdale – On behalf of Lisa.  – There is a worker shortage this weekend, however we will be implementing the lights with our own workers in control of the lights.  There are only 3 weeks between the Spring Race and the Thunder on the Arkansas and we are also looking for volunteers for that event.

Special Orders Discussions / Upcoming Events 

Driver’s School – Lynn Fangue, Jeff Hall, Brad Leach

The write-ups were very well done by Lynn, Jeff and Brad. 

Ken Tisdale – There was some miscommunication between the Steward and the CDI which led to some confusion.  The schedule as it pertains to where students needed to be needs to be polished. 

Patrick Fay – The same weekend has been booked for the 2019 season – the last weekend in April.  Marketing for the next school will begin soon and be advertised throughout the full year. 

Chris Ellis – The Friday session required a license which meant students that arrived Friday could not test their car.  For next year this will be looked into and try to address. 

Mary has just printed out all of the passing driver’s provisional licenses. 

Spring Race – There will be a potluck chili dinner on Friday.  This is the Formula Ford weekend so the FF group will be Group 1.  There are quite a few students, somewhere around 10. 

Snowmass – Wayne Siebrecht, Kyle Popejoy  - The company that supplies the water barriers does not have enough that do not leak.  They did however just come under new management on Monday.  Wayne is going to talk to the new owners to see if they can supply the race with leak-free barriers. There are 51 current entries for the event.  Victory Lane is going to do some advertising. 

Patrick Fay – Fun Club Idea – We have an underserved Group of Spouses and Kids that attend events that are not having fun.  We would need a new “Fun Coordinator”.  This person’s job is to find fun things for people to do that are not entertained by the event itself.  The job of this person would be to come up with on-site events or off site events nearby. 

Unfinished Business

Indy / F5000 “Demonstration” At Thunder on the Arkansas – Keith Davidson

Proposing two outings per day; a morning warm up and an afternoon race.  Originally we did not have the proper fire suppression systems, however, Keith has pulled together the safety systems necessary to put on the race.  There are approximately 10 cars.  This would give a great venue for these large, capable, open wheel cars to stretch their legs. 


Motion to approve this Demonstration Group with a minimum of (5) cars signed up at least 10 days prior to the race:   Frank Albert

2nd:  Christy Hopkins

Approved:  All present board members.                    


50 Series Tire Rule Clarification – Rule Housekeeping – Jim Cambon / Matt Ratcliff

Matt-  Went through and scrubbed the rules and the underlying rules allowing street legal 50 series tires for all cars 1972 and earlier.  Also constructed a sentence attempting to outlaw DOT approved slick and semi-slick tires. 


Motion to accept this rule change as a first reading:  Wayne Siebrecht

2nd – Frank Albert

Approved:  All present board members except Jeff Payne – Abstain. 


Supporting Documents-

rulesc1_revised_5_14_2018.pdf      rulesc2_revised_5_14_2018.pdf      rulesc2a_revised_5-14-2018 markups.pdf    rulesc6_revised_5_14_2018.pdf


New Business

Tom Ellis – Drivers moving from large bore to small bore:  Last year a provision was made for drivers that are generally in the Mid/Big bore group to be able to move down into small bore based on lap times.  Pete is a third-year Lotus Elan driver and says it is not fun to be in the Big Bore group.  Also noted there is not much competition at the back of the large bore group.  The small-bore group has been much more fun as the cars are all about the same size and the speeds are more similar.


Motion to allow Pete to participate in small bore group for the remainder of the season: Ken Tisdale

2nd –  Jeff Payne

Approved:  All present board members except Bob Hancock – Has a car that is capable of going much faster.  The driver may not be able to however. 


Kyle – Would like to see a Physicians Assistant (PA) added to the (MD and DO) on the medical form.  Kyle will do the research to make sure this is not a rules change and will table for next meeting. 


Ken Tisdale – Possibly see if there are email archives for old members to start to send correspondence to see why they are no longer members or what they are up to. 


Open Discussion-



President’s Closing Remarks –

Thanks to Jeff, Lynn and Brad for making the school such a success.  Everyone has had great feedback.  Thank you to all of the volunteers for all of their efforts for the events. 


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:58 – Wayne Siebrecht

2nd – Ken Tisdale

All in Favor – All present voting board members.