December President's Message


Season’s Greetings to everyone from Jennifer and I.  We sincerely wish you all a wonderful Holiday with plenty of racing parts and gear under your Christmas tree.  We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the Banquet in January 13th. We will be presenting awards for the 2017 season and generally having a great time – I hope you can make it.


Our Feedback session was very well attended and on behalf of the Board, Chiefs, Stewards and Chairs we thank all of you who were able to attend and participate because RMVR is our club and by definition will always be as good as what we are collectively willing to put into our club.  Thank you for your participation!


We had a successful 2017 season in that there was plenty of camaraderie and racing.  The majority of the reports were positive and the feedback was that members generally had a good time in RMVR events this year.  The two points of concern were that we had a financial loss for the year, chiefly due to 3 events: cancellations at our school due to snow, the change of date for Hastings further contributed to its annual loss, and the investment in our new event at Snowmass.  Brian Nelson, with input from the Board, has a strategy to recoup the losses in 2018 and have an even more wonderful racing season for our club. 


The other concern was that we had way too many racing infractions and metal-to-metal contact and 2 people injured this year.  We cannot rely solely on Board, Chiefs and Stewards to remedy this situation; we need the cooperation of all our drivers to race in the “vintage spirit,” and for our run groups to self-police because you are on the track with each other so please talk to each other if you feel inappropriate driving is happening, and also when really good “vintage-spirit” driving is happening – bottom line is that we are a family, so let’s look out for each other a bit better.


There was lively discussion in the open forum portion of the Feedback Session.  As often happens, there were a number of really good suggestions from the floor, and no people-power to implement them.  Again, this comes down to RMVR being “our” club and 100% volunteer run, so if someone really wants something done, they had better be prepared to do it themselves. 


Speaking of, we had the annual visit of “we need to look at expanding eligibility,” which has indeed been looked at, many times, and currently the facts are that RMVR membership and participation is actually growing by modest amounts and steadily.  Additionally, the last person that insisted on the issue was charged with researching what other vintage clubs had done in this vein, their results and if warranted to bring a written proposal to the Board – his conclusion was that RMVR MUST NOT expand eligibility as he had originally suggested, because his research showed that vintage clubs in America that did indeed expand their eligibility consequently suffered losses in race entries and membership.  Of course, there are exceptions to that, but generally it is a bad idea.  Having said that we have provisions to allow non-vintage cars to participate in RMVR events when they can have a group of 13 or more we will give them their own grid, but having more modern cars in our existing run groups can, and often does, chase away solid, participating members of clubs like ours.  Of course, you are free to disagree with these findings, and if you do, or have any other issues, I urge you to do the research yourself, bring your evidence to the Board, and if appropriate, be prepared to write the appropriate proposal and/or rules change.  For the record, I was once a big proponent of expanding eligibility myself until I saw the research – I am now very happy to be in a Vintage Racing Club, racing with other vintage cars, it is, after all, in our name.


My sincere gratitude for the Board, Chiefs, Stewards and Volunteers, that made the 2017 Season so much fun.  Let’s now enjoy the festivities of the Holidays and look forward to an even better 2018.  It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve our club this year.


Thank you all for your support and participation in our club.




Frank Albert

President RMVR 2017

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