Forney Museum of Transportation

November 18, 2017


Call To Order Time:   9:05 AM


Roll Call of Board Members:

Frank Albert (President)– P

Frank Leslie (Past President)- P

Brian Nelson (President Elect)– P

Kyle Popejoy (Treasurer) – P

Scott Stekr (Secretary)– P

Ken Tisdale (At Large)– P

Christy Hopkins (At Large)– P

Brant McClung (At Large)– P

Tom Ellis (At Large) – P

Patrick Fay (At Large)– P

Wayne Siebrecht (At Large)– P

Jeff Payne (At Large) – P


Approval of October Minutes

Motion – Wayne Siebrecht

2nd – Brian Nelson

Approved – All present voting board members.


Presidents Opening Remarks – Frank Albert

Thank you so much for allowing me to be President this year; it has been an honor to serve our great club.  Thank you to all of our other volunteers, corner marshals, stewards and chiefs of specialty. 


There will be a feature in Victory Lane for the 2018 Snowmass race.  The 2017 article was paired down from the original write up as done by Kyle Popejoy.


There were financial losses this year, however there are many changes put in motion for the 2018 to rectify that issue. 


Thanks again to everyone that is present for caring about RMVR.  On that level we have all done very well this year.


Treasurer Report – Kyle Popejoy

Year to date the total the club loss is ($29,427).     Losses occurred for the following events:  Banquet, Crash & Burn, Driver’s School, Hastings, Snowmass and Spooktacular.  Positive events were Spring HPR, Pueblo, and the RAKC. 


Motion to accept as presented: Patrick Fay

2nd – Jeff Payne


Approved – All present voting board members.


Chief of Specialties Report

Chad Wight – RMVR averaged 3 metal to metal incidents, per event, this season.  There were (11) incidents in the Formula Vee group resulting in two physical injuries in addition to the mechanical damage.


Thank you to Bob Alder for his help with the Chief Steward role. 


Thank you to Gary Merrifield’s frequent Assistant Stewarding


Frank Leslie – Timing and Scoring

For the Spooktacular we had (48) cars on track Saturday and (38) on Sunday.  The tight schedule at the end of the season was somewhat challenging with all of the packed events right at the end. 


Bob Darcey – CAMA Report

2017 was the second best year on record for HPR.  Slightly less inbound revenue than 2016.  The big news is the repaving efforts that have been done.  Every corner has been repaved, only the straightaways remain unpaved.  The asphalt that has been laid is polymerized asphalt that will last a long time.  The $520k project was financed through the paving fund and retained earnings.  The asphalt will be curing through December with the track reopening in January 2018. 


Special Orders Discussions / Upcoming Events


Tom Ellis – RAKC

A proposal to consider is utilizing the infrastructure at PPIR to putting on a much larger event for RAKC.  The opportunity is there to create a much larger event for the RAKC with the available facilities.  The regional hotels, restaurants, and general location are more advantageous for sponsors. 


Nominations and Elections and lack of President Elect Candidate

Jeff Payne – Nominating Committee

There is a large vacancy at the President Elect position.  The Biographies and photos will be sent to Bob Alder to get the nominations to the general population of the club. 


Banquet – January 2018

2018 Schedule has been published, there are (5) races on the calendar.  The two races that have historically lost money have been eliminated from the calendar.  The goal is to have more drivers at the popular events.  This will also help with lack of Marshalls and volunteers for every event throughout the season.


Chief CDI Lynn Fangue will be inviting the SCCA group to the RMVR school to allow them to have a Driver’s School that can also lead to licensing drivers for SCCA.  They have not had a Driver’s school in several years.


Fire/Rescue School has also been dropped to one day down from 2 days.  Crash and Burn has also been combined with SCCA to split costs. 


Snowmass 2018

September 15, 16 &17 is the Snowmass Event.  Saturday the 15th will be the car show and Woody creek.  Racing will be Sunday and Monday of that weekend. 


The town of Snowmass will be contributing funds again for the 2018 season, and they have doubled the amount of money for worker rooms. 


Ken Tisdale – Suggest possibly recruiting the HPR and PPIR volunteers for the Snowmass race. 


Logistics of the cars and trailers for the Snowmass race is a big topic of conversation as well as crowd and track control. 


Unfinished Business

Mid Bore cars running in Small Bore – feedback


With the proposal in place, the Chief Steward will be deciding upon who will be moved down based on the operational structure.  The full write up has been included in the appendix of these minutes. 


Race Pricing Structure for 2018 Season – Entry and Cancellation policies are currently under revision.  All cancellation fees under 10 days will be billed at $50, and entry fees will be charged at time of entry.  MSR will be updated with the new information prior to the start of the 2018 season. 


Motion to accept as modified – Ken Tisdale


New Business - None

Open Discussion


President’s Closing Remarks –

Thank you so much to all of the stewards, race chairs, and all volunteers.  A special thanks to Mary Popejoy for her hard work this year; for me and for the club. 


Adjournment of Meeting at 10:06AM

Motion – Wayne Siebrecht

2nd – Jeff Payne

Approved – All present voting board members.




Feedback Session 2017 Review


Forney Museum of Transportation

November 18, 2017

Meeting Start Time:    10:30AM


Welcome and Opening Statements – Frank Albert, President

Thank you everyone for coming out, today’s event is a very important event on our calendar to get feedback from our membership.  Thank you to Bob Alder and Katja for taking care of all of the electronic aspects of the club.  Also thank you to John Mihalich for taking care of the Messenger every month.  Thank you also to the Board of Directors for your time.


One of the major downsides to the season is the obvious loss that occurred this year.  There are many things put in place that are prepared to rectify that situation. 


There have also been many metal-to-metal incidents this season.  The club must self-police within the organization.  The run groups must step up and take responsibility for their groups.


Major positives of the season include the $190,000 that was raised this year at the RAKC – that is such an amazing achievement for RMVR to help the cause.  There was also great on-track racing this season. 


We have new licensed drivers, marshals and volunteers this season.  Thank you to everyone for your interest and participation.  Please be sure that RMVR is in your daily discussions to promote the club and extend the invitation to come and join RMVR in any capacity.


Rules Changes for 2017 – Brian Nelson, President Elect

•  Exhibition Rules Change

Some VMC clubs have expanded their years of eligibility and in turn, RMVR was receiving VMC entrants that did not fall in line with RMVR’s safety standards or years of eligibility.  Our new rule closes this loophole to ensure that the cars in our groups are prepared to our safety regulations. 


•  Big Bore Tire Changes

Newer tire compounds have been specifically disallowed.  Tires for AP, BP and AS.  Only molded bias ply tires approved by SVRA group 6 rules are allowed. 


2018 RMVR Racing Season – Brian Nelson, President Elect

For the 2017 season, there were a few races that did not have great attendance, and a couple of the events did not have profitable attendance for many years.  The Hastings event and Spooktacular events have been removed from the 2018 season to consolidate events and improve the events.  This does two things 1: it improves the financial model for RMVR.  2: it improves the quantity of drivers at the events we do have. 

For Driver’s School Lynn Fangue (CDI) has started conversations with SCCA to open up the RMVR school to allow SCCA students and instructors to attend. 

For the outlook for 2018, all races look to be profitable and there should be at least a $40,000 delta over the 2017 financials. 

The reduced schedule is also believed to help the pool of volunteers to reduce the quantity of weekends. 


Board Announcements –

Nominating Committee update – Presented by Jeff Payne, Committee Chair

There are (5) candidates for board members at large.  President Elect is a vacant.


Club Financials – Presented by Kyle Popejoy, Treasurer

Presented the financials for the club for 2017 season; an overall loss of ($29,000) for various events.  This is a large topic of discussion for the 2018 season with things being put into motion already to improve the situation. 


Chiefs and Chairs Announcements-

Administrator – Mary Popejoy

Chief Driving Instructor – Joe Bunton / Lynn Fangue

The financial situation of Driver’s School for the 2018 season will be drastically improved.  We will be enforcing the rule with new drivers to be required to work a race weekend prior to receiving their Competition License. 


Chief of Eligibility – Mark Irvin / Jim Cambon

If anyone has a car that they would like a logbook for, please come early and often.  Inspecting a car for logbook approval the weekend prior to an event is not a good situation.


Thank you to Jim for stepping up and volunteering to be Chief of Eligibility


Chief of Flagging and Communications – Lisa Williams

First of all, thank you to everyone in control and all of the race stewards for your continued support this year.  To keep this going, we need volunteers.  Everyone is encouraged to step up and volunteer.  Drivers, friends, and anyone that can help is welcome.  Snowmass will need additional volunteers above and beyond the normal race weekend.  In my experience, getting more volunteers is best achieved in your daily life.  Make connections with people and put out the invitation.


Chief of Pit and Grid – Frank Taiclet

Thanks to all of the driver’s for being patient with Pit and Grid this year.


One suggestion:  for open wheel cars, please stage grid at an angle to avoid breathing the direct exhaust of the car in front.


Chief Steward – Chad Wight

The three goals at the beginning of the year were to Improve Safety, Improve Communication and Consistency, and improve training. 

There were (8) track events and (23) drivers involved in metal to metal incidents.  (0) in Big Bore, (6) in Small Bore, (6) in quick open wheel, (11) in Formula Vee. 


Chief of Tech – Nick Sorenson

Tech is pleased with everything that happened this year.  Thank you to our tech volunteers for this year. 


Chief of Timing and Scoring – Frank Leslie

Drivers:  Please ensure your transponder number is linked to your car in your MSR garage. 


Marketing – Currently Vacant


CAMA – Bob Darcey


2017 was a good year, 2016 was the best year.  Weekday track days were the only segment that was down from the previous year. 


Open Floor Forum Q&A

Closing Remarks / Adjournment of Meeting 

Keep Informed, RMVR needs YOU 


Thank You