Announcing the Formula Ford Arrive & Drive Scholarship

Formula Ford Scholarship car

Photo Credit: Dave Philip

The RMVR Formula Ford (FF) Race Group is now offering a vintage Winkelmann Formula Ford as a Scholarship Program to those interested in racing a Formula Ford with RMVR. This is an Arrive & Drive Program intended to increase the interest in racing with RMVR and, in particular, racing a Formula Ford.

This is a voluntary collective effort by RMVR FF racers. The car is donated for use in the Program. Through a collective effort, routine maintenance, tires, car storage, fuel for the weekend and transportation of the car to/from the track is all provided. Trackside support (mechanical and moral) is also a part of the Arrive & Drive Program. While the Arrive & Drive program is meant to remove as many barriers to trying vintage racing as possible, the scholarship recipients are still encouraged to “get their hands dirty” and help out with their weekend activities and preparation as much as possible.

To make this happen, an initial pool of money to kickstart the Program was created by a one-time voluntary $40 contribution by RMVR FF racers.

Key aspects of this Arrive & Drive Program are:

  • Those interested in the Scholarship must submit an application. Applications will be accepted between January 1st and February 21st. Applicants will be notified on February 28th.
  • The car is available for the spring RMVR Drivers’ School weekend and up to 2 regular RMVR events as mutually agreed upon to complete the licensing requirements. Other RMVR race weekends may be available, but are not guaranteed.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who intend to purchase an RMVR eligible FF or CF and who wish to do the RMVR School plus two subsequent events during the year with the intent of getting an RMVR Competition License and/or to those who desire to race a FF with RMVR on an ongoing basis, but wish to first “try one on.”
  • For the RMVR Drivers’ School, the Program is offered free as an Arrive & Drive weekend. However, the recipient must first join RMVR ($75), pay the RMVR “Mentor Program” entry fee (currently $350 which includes some additional benefits), and have their own (or borrowed) racing gear. For racers new to open wheel cars, the car will also be made be available for a required track lapping day (track fee paid for by the recipient) in the car prior to the school weekend.
  • For subsequent race weekends the Arrive & Drive Program will cost a $400 Support Fee (paid into the FF Scholarship Program) and a $300 “deposit” that is refundable upon the purchase of an RMVR eligible FF or CF within 1 year of drivers school. The deposit is forfeited if no car is purchased within that 1 year period. Additionally, the driver is responsible for the regular RMVR entry fee (and/or any desired track lapping day fees).
  • Necessary Liability & Damage Control stuff: Obviously a waiver of liability for the use of the race car will be required. As with any racing, in the event of damage to the car due to an accident (regardless of fault) or abuse of the car, the driver is responsible for repairs. In the case of driving the Scholarship car, to minimize repair costs, repairs to the Scholarship car will be done as much as possible by collective free voluntary time and talent of the RMVR FF Racers Group (which is quite awesome). But all out-of-pocket costs for needed repairs will be the responsibility of the driver. To limit financial exposure, that out-of-pocket liability to the driver will be capped at a maximum of $2,500.

Formula Ford Scholarship Application

If driving a Formula car is not your thing, there are other Scholarship & Mentoring Programs available as well.