2017 RAKC Sets New Fundraising Record!

On every level, the 2017 RAKC was a truly spectacular event!

Thanks to Schomp Automotive, the first ever RAKC ProAm race was a huge success with drivers and spectators alike. The Chinese fire drill for the driver change was simply a hoot, and so much fun to watch. Spectators standing on the pit wall cheering on their favorite ProAm team was awesome, and made us all feel like we were an integral part of the race. Many of the Pro drivers commented on how much fun they had, and want to do it again next year!

The ProAm race was possible only because of the generosity of Schomp BMW and Schomp MINI. RMVR is so grateful for our partnership with them, and we cannot thank them enough! Thank you, Schomp!

2017 RAKC ProAm Driver Line-Up

2017 RAKC ProAm Driver Line-Up

Huge thanks also to the eight Pro drivers that joined us for our first ever RAKC ProAm race. They were all amazing, taking time to sign autographs and have their pictures taken. Even during the race, they demonstrated the true spirit of this event by doing crazy antics for the enjoyment of the spectators, including waving, beeping their horn, and making goofy faces as they passed by the start/finish line. Spraying the crowd with celebratory champagne at the awards ceremony was a perfect ending to a perfect inaugural ProAm race.

In addition to the Pro drivers, this year’s RAKC had some very special attendees—our adopted RAKC MAF Ambassadors. Some of these wonderful and courageous kiddos continue to be healthy, while some are very, very sick. Regardless of their personal situation, last weekend they were all smiles. Whether they were getting fast laps around the track in a race car, riding around the paddock with the Grid Girls, or just hanging out with their families, each of these kids knew we all cared about them very, very much, and that is very special indeed.

There is no better way to truly honor all kids battling cancer than to raise money to help researchers find new and better cancer treatments. This year, RMVR members went above and beyond to take the podium. Not only did we achieve our goal of raising $150,000, we put the pedal to the metal and set a new fundraising record!

In fact, we raised $189,000! Your continued generosity and fundraising efforts are simply amazing!

While the 2017 race is now over, our fundraising efforts continue (consider it the cool down lap). Our raceagainstkidscancer.org web site will continue to accept donations through the end of August. If you have friends or family who wanted to donate but haven’t yet, there is still time! Let them know what a wonderful event we had, how much we raised to date to fund pediatric cancer research, and that they can still participate by sponsoring you. Let’s all reach out during this cool-down lap to raise as much $$ as we possibly can – maybe $200,000?

To all of you who participated one way or another in this year’s spectacular event, a huge “Thank you”.

Even though Pro driver Tanner Foust and Amateur driver Kirk Peterson “won” the ProAm race, the real winners are all the kiddos we are helping through the pediatric cancer research we fund via The Morgan Adams Foundation.

With a full heart and much gratitude,
Your RAKC Committee and The Morgan Adams Foundation

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