Morgan Adams Foundation’s “Thank You RMVR” Event

Morgan Adams Foundation’s “Thank You RMVR” Event

We really mean it!   THANK YOU!!!   And to reinforce that “thanks,” here’s a short video from us at Morgan Adams Foundation…

How To Get an RMVR Tech Inspection

Good news: If you obtain a pre-season Annual Tech inspection…

2018 RAKC Was A Record Breaker!

The 2018 RAKC was a HUGE success!!  In addition to…

Pete Christensen

Pete Christensen, one of our long-time members, current Formula Ford…

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RMVR Apparel Now Available On Line!

You can now purchase RMVR shirts and hats on line! Support your club and sport that cool vintage look by shopping at the RMVR Store.

Volunteer/Worker Sign Up

RMVR can't race without the amazing support provided by our workers and volunteers every weekend. Our Chief Marshals need your input to organize everyone and provide for rooms and food. So please click on the weekend you wish to work and let them know. You…

Event Registration with MotorsportReg.com

Over 750 organizations across the county use MotorsportReg (MSR), including High Plains Raceway, SCCA, PCA, BMW & Audi clubs, and Miller Motorsports Park. Learn how to use MSR to register quickly and easily for RMVR events.

Big Bore Group

These are the big, ground-pounding cars in the club. This group consists of the V-8 powered Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Falcons, Shelby GT350s, Cobras, Dodges, Plymouths, and some Porsches. There are also a number of other over 2.0-litre Sedans which are classed with the Big Bore…

Messenger Newsletter Archives

Present and past issues of our monthly club newsletter.

Formula Cars

Formula cars are purpose-built, open-wheel race cars. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes which are dictated by specific “formula”, or specifications, unique to each class. Within RMVR there are three very active groups of formula cars which, on any given weekend, are…