Hastings Schedule & Sessions

Hastings Schedule & Sessions

The weekend's schedule and session lists are now available!

July Messenger

The Messenger is now available. Messenger (HTML, optimized for on-screen…

Pueblo Photos: Rupert Berrington

Rupert Berrington’s Pueblo photos are now available: .

Pueblo Photos: Mike Rogers

Check out Mike Rogers’ portfolio of photos from June’s Pueblo…

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Eligibility Matrix and Governing Documentation

RMVR has a plethora of choices in cars and classes to go vintage racing. There is something for everyone! But that variety means lots of choices and lots of decisions and, as a by-product, lots of rules. The following guide will aid you in the…

How To Get A Competition License

For the safety of all of its members, RMVR, like all other race organizations, has a rigorous licensing process. To participate in our races, you must have a current RMVR Competition License, an RMVR Provisional License, or a VMC license. For those without prior racing…

Rules & Regulations

RMVR General Rules – Full Text (PDF). The General Rules govern all aspects of RMVR including membership, driver eligibility, car eligibility, safety, and events. RMVR Constitution & By-Laws – Full Text (PDF) Eligibility Matrix and Governing Documentation. This webpage contains a matrix that will guide…

Pit & Grid

Pit & Grid marshals are in charge of the pre-grid and releasing cars onto the track. The first advantage to working Pit & Grid is that we’ll give you a snappy Pit & Grid shirt to wear. The second advantage is you don’t have to…


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