RAKC Schedule & Sessions

RAKC Schedule & Sessions

The weekend's schedule and session lists are now available!

July Messenger

The Messenger is now available. Messenger (HTML, optimized for on-screen…

Pueblo Photos: Rupert Berrington

Rupert Berrington’s Pueblo photos are now available: .

Pueblo Photos: Mike Rogers

Check out Mike Rogers’ portfolio of photos from June’s Pueblo…

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Pit & Grid

Pit & Grid marshals are in charge of the pre-grid and releasing cars onto the track. The first advantage to working Pit & Grid is that we’ll give you a snappy Pit & Grid shirt to wear. The second advantage is you don’t have to…

How To Join

To race a car with us you will need to join RMVR. The first step is to fill out an Application For Membership. Please mail your completed application to: RMVR 1376 Columbine Drive Franktown, CO 80116 To race a car, in addition to joining the…

Octoberfast Spooktacular Photos: Mike Rogers

Check out Mike Rogers’ portfolio of photos from this year’s Octoberfast Spooktacular at http://www.driven-imagery.com/rmvr_2013_ppir.

Scholarship & Mentoring Programs

We realize not everyone is willing or able to just go out and buy a race car when beginning their vintage racing adventure. Nor is it always advisable to do so. You may not yet know for sure what type of car you really want…

Timing & Scoring

Why should you work Timing & Scoring? First of all, there are the many great benefits: Except for street races you will be inside. No need to be exposed to nasty sun or rain or (potential) rattlesnakes. The snacks are primo! We start each morning…