2015 Banquet Reservation & Membership Renewal

2015 Banquet Reservation & Membership Renewal

It's time to celebrate at the RMVR Winter Banquet and renew your RMVR membership for 2015! The banquet will be on Saturday,…

November Messenger

The Messenger is now available. Messenger (HTML, optimized for on-screen…

Pueblo Photos: Rupert Berrington

Rupert Berrington’s Pueblo photos are now available: .

Pueblo Photos: Mike Rogers

Check out Mike Rogers’ portfolio of photos from June’s Pueblo…

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Flagging & Communications

So, you think you may want to be a corner marshal. The first question you may ask yourself is, “What will I have to do and what do I need to know to work on a corner?” The people on the corners serve several purposes,…


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Formula Cars

Formula cars are purpose-built, open-wheel race cars. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes which are dictated by specific “formula”, or specifications, unique to each class. Within RMVR there are three very active groups of formula cars which, on any given weekend, are…

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How To Get Your Car Inspected

Your Annual Tech Inspection must be completed each year before you can race. Print the Tech and Safety Inspection form. Fill out everything but the Event. Thoroughly inspect the car and check off (in the Driver column) all the items on the list. Sign the…