RAKC Fundraising Challenge Results

RAKC Fundraising Challenge Results

Thanks to Peak Asset Management and to everyone who participated in the fundraising challenges!

Aspen Snowmass Vintage Car Race, September 2017

The inaugural Aspen Snowmass Vintage Car Race is now history.…

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Bulletin Board Help

We encourage all RMVR members to regularly visit and participate in the online RMVR Bulletin Board. It’s a great way to share information with fellow members, to post your own classified ads, to see what members are thinking, to ask questions, participate in surveys, or…

How To Get Started Racing

You always promised yourself you'd go racing, right? Well, it can be done! Join us! Nearly all drivers in Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing, Ltd. (RMVR) had promised themselves they would one day go racing. Some figured out how to go racing early in adult life;…

Annual Tech Inspectors

Preseason Annual Tech Inspection dates for 2018 are April 21st and May 5th. Save yourself time and trouble by getting your car inspected before the season begins.

How To Get Your Car Inspected

Your Annual Tech Inspection must be completed each year before you can race. Print the Tech and Safety Inspection form. Fill out everything but the Event. Thoroughly inspect the car and check off (in the Driver column) all the items on the list. Sign the…

Historic Group

Shortly after the first automobile hit the road, a second appeared. It was created for the express purpose of racing the first. This has been going on for more than a century now. Things have changed a great deal in that time. Speeds have increased;…